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Restoration Christian Fellowship held its first service on February 21, 1999, at West Middle School in Aurora, CO with 60 people in attendance. Because the heart of the church was to minister to the community, the location was moved to a rundown office building on the corner of Emporia and Colfax in downtown Aurora. After the City of Aurora made the decision to abandon the building, city officials aided RCF financially with its relocation and moved the ministry to 551 Norfolk Street in Aurora, where the church continued to grow. At the time of the move, the ministry had grown in weekend attendance to approximately one hundred twenty.


After ministering at the new location for seven years, God placed it on the heart of leadership to find a permanent home for the ministry. At the time, the ministry had grown in weekly attendance to approximately four hundred. With a word from the Lord, the congregation left that location and relocated to Hinkley High School’s auditorium for approximately six months. After spending time at Hinkley High School, the worship location was changed to the Crown Plaza Hotel where services were held for an entire year. After spending approximately one year in the wilderness, Restoration Christian Fellowship landed in their Canaan, 15660 E. 6th Avenue Aurora, CO. Prior to inhabiting the actual building, worship services were held in a tent, on the site of the current facility. Services continued in the parking lot for approximately six months. 


The ministry has plans to acquire the entire center where it is located. Restoration Christian Fellowship now occupies approximately forty-five thousand square feet of ministry space with great growth potential. By the grace of God, Restoration Christian Fellowship owns twelve acres of land, all of which has been donated and will be used to construct the ministry’s permanent complex.


Felix & Kotane Gilbert

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