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 At Restoration we make disciples for Christ when we create places for people to BELONG, teach them to BELIEVE in God, and grow them to BEHAVE like Christ.

Restoration Christian Fellowship's

Circle of Growth


Discipleship at RCF means our community group leaders are trained to model our discipleship process. This is known as RCF’s Circle of Growth. The Circle of Growth combines our mission with our strategy, making them the same. This means our purpose becomes our process.


At RCF, we execute our mission when we create places for people to belong, teach them to believe in God, and grow them to behave like Christ.


To accomplish this, we move people through a three-phase process where each iteration grows them more deeply in Christ. Adhering to this simple process results in people becoming devoted followers of Christ. 

Create Places for People to BELONG

The first step of our Circle of Growth is the entry point to our discipleship process. In this step, we create inviting multi-ethnic atmospheres where people from all walks of life can experience God and encounter the life-changing truth of Scripture. 

Teach Them to BELIEVE in God

The second step of our Circle of Growth involves us teaching people to believe in God by connecting them to a community group. These groups are intended to teach the Bible with intentionality, resulting in people developing a stronger belief in God, and beginning a lifelong journey to Christ-like maturity.

Grow Them to BEHAVE Like Christ

The third step of our Circle of Growth involves growing people to behave like Christ. This is accomplished by challenging people to a higher level of commitment by their using their God-given gifts and resources to serve each other and the community in those places where people live, learn, work, play, thrive, and worship. 


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