JUNE 25-29th


Hoop Scoop Basketball Camp is for grades k-12

Join us in celebrating our sixteenth year in Aurora, Colorado. Hoop Scoop basketball camp is a one-week program targeted at youth in grades K-12. It provides an outlet through sports for participants to experience positive role models and learn life skills that will enable them to make better choices and become a positive asset to society. Every participant who attends camp receives a T-shirt, trophy or medal, free breakfast, and lunch on a daily basis, along with motivational speeches to teach them how to make better choices in life. The camp is totally free enabling all who wish to attend an opportunity to do so.

We have partnered with the city of Aurora's political body, first responders, local high schools, and businesses to deliver a diverse system of services to the community to help create opportunities for those we serve to realize personal, economic, and social development through participating in an integrated array of educational, employment, and rehabilitation services.

Grades: K-12
Time: 8am - 12pm
Price: Free
Contact us: office@rcfministries.net