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Mission, Vision, Values


Restoration Christian Fellowship exists to create places for people to BELONG, teach them to BELIEVE in God, and grow them to BEHAVE like Christ.  

Our Mission
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When we say Belong– we aim to create an inviting atmosphere where people from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds can experience God, encounter the life changing truth of Scripture, and belong to our family. 


When we say Believe – we aim to grow people deeply in faith by connecting them to a community group where they engage the lifelong journey to Christ-like maturity.

When we say Behave– we aim to assist people in incarnating Christ by challenging them to a higher level of commitment, and to the effective use of their God-given gifts and resources in order to serve one another and their community.

Our Vision


Restoring People to their rightful position in

Christ and each other.

Creating Places for People to Belong

Our Vision sees us breaking down racial, cultural, and denominational walls of religion to create a place where everyone is welcomed. It builds a bridge from the church to the community, that additionally links the community to the church, through healthy relationships with God. It creates an environment where the love of God is not only spoken about but experienced.


Our Vision consciously fosters an ethnically diverse atmosphere of excellence, fun, relaxation, high touch, high worship, and a relevant life-changing message where people are free to attend and to experience the presence of God. Through it, we provide excellent care not only for members who frequent our campus, but also for our online members, and this care extends to those we touch in Metro Denver. It necessitates small groups as vessels for dynamic, communal ministries.


Teaching People to Believe in God

Our Vision calls for classes to ensure members grow in Christ. By way of a school of ministry, it ensures sufficient leadership developmental pathways for current and future leaders. It provides seminars, retreats, and conferences, to expose the body to the word of God. It further meets the holistic needs of the community by offering residents access to higher education. 


Our Vision involves deliberate prayer in our homes. It involves excellent worship experiences. It involves our praying forth an atmosphere before every worship service.


Grow People to Behave Like Christ

Our Vision includes serving the community, spreading the love of God, and bringing solutions to families. It includes providing programs of employment enrichment, entrepreneurial training, and assistance for single parents and low-income families, as well as calling attention to job opportunities. It includes counseling individuals and families who deal with abusive relationships, substance abuse, and basic dysfunctional issues in the home. It further includes giving financial and social counseling to guide community members toward self-sufficiency. It includes providing food, clothing, and other social services to residents of the community.


Our Vision calls for us to work as liaisons between the community and other institutions of higher learning. It includes us teaching computer skills and becoming a business incubation hub in order to enhance the entrepreneurial skills of community residents.


Our Vision includes us increasing the academic skills of our children through educational opportunities. It involves us preparing our children and youth to excel and compete academically through after-school and summer programs. It includes us partnering with law enforcement, civic organizations, and business owners to provide training and programs that drastically reduce crime in our neighborhood. It involves us offering mentorship to children and youth of low-income families as they countenance life’s difficulties.            


Our Vision includes us developing ministries irresistible to children, youth, and young adults. The vision involves us initiating a Hip-Hop service with goal of reaching our inner-city young people in their own context, allowing them self-expressions in their own genre. It includes us having a facility where children and youth can come to dance, play games, relax, watch movies, and experience God in resonant ways.


RCF’s vision is a restoration agenda. Our vision will come to pass. It is from God

(James 1:27; Matt. 25:34-40; Gal. 2:10)!

Our Values



Intentional Diversity– requires that all leaders create atmospheres where people from all ethnic backgrounds are welcomed, and free to worship God. 


Leading in Community– speaks to the concept of team leadership. Leaders must be willing to surround themselves with people who are strong in their own areas of weakness.


Fun and Excellence– speaks to everything we do including the element of fun and our culture, defined by a spirit of excellence. 

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