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Local Outreach

For more information or to participate in an outreach @ RCF, please complete the form below. 

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Our vision for outreach is about Restoration Christian Fellowship developing systems that consistently raise and release leaders. These leaders will lead missional communities of 8-10 people throughout Metro Denver. They will create inviting atmospheres where the ministry’s mission is executed. These pioneers will mutually impact one another and their surrounding communities so that the hurting, depressed, frustrated, and confused find transformative love, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance, and encouragement. These projected impacts will significantly increase conversions, baptisms, and rededication to Christ.

Our vision includes serving the community, spreading the love of God, and bringing solutions to families. It includes providing programs of employment enrichment, entrepreneurial training, and assistance for single parents and low-income families, as well as calling attention to job opportunities. It includes counseling individuals and families who deal with abusive relationships, substance abuse, and basic dysfunctional issues in the home. It further includes giving financial and social counseling to guide community members toward self-sufficiency. It includes providing food, clothing, and other social services to residents of the community.

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