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Read the Open Letter from Pastor Kotane Gilbert

In Person Service Update

After ongoing discussions, we have decided to keep our sanctuary closed for Wednesday night services.  While we do have plans to broadcast online our Sunday morning service from our sanctuary, we will only allow access to essential personnel on Sunday mornings.  We are asking all members to join us online via the rcfministries.org website, The RCF app, YouTube, or Facebook.  We plan to operate under these protocols for the foreseeable future until we reach a point where we believe it is safe to return to in-person worship activities.


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we have taken extra precautions to maintain the safety and health of our church members and visitors.  We have instituted onsite temperature checks, voluntary vaccination card registration, and mask wearing as standard practices since returning to in-person worship.  We also launched a building wide weekly sanitation practice to reduce the risk of exposure to harmful germs and viruses.   As an additional precaution we are planning to require on-site rapid testing for all members and visitors attending events within our building.  We would welcome any additional suggestions from members of our congregation on how we can enhance the overall health, safety, and wellness of those frequenting our church facility.  Please feel free to leave a message with our church office at 303.867.7700.

Ongoing RCF Sunday Service Health Protocol

Restoration Christian Fellowship’s (RCF) Sunday services provide our members an opportunity to worship, offer praise, provide gifts, and hear a word for the Lord. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that our members are able to fellowship in an environment that offers the highest level of safety and the lowest possible level of risk to our health.

Given the continuing challenges we face with a global pandemic, we have taken guidance from our RCF Health and Wellness team to effectively manage attendance at our Sunday worship service.

Since Sunday August 8, 2021, RCF has been practicing the following safety protocols:

  • ALL persons planning to attend Sunday service will be asked to pre-register as an attendee using the RCF REALM app. This pre-registration assists with regulating facility capacity requirements. The pre-registration window typically begins every Tuesday.

  •  On Sunday mornings, ALL attendees will be asked to provide personal contact information, complete a short health questionnaire (five questions), and participate in a temperature check prior to entering the RCF facility.

  • Individuals who offer proof of COVID-19 vaccination will be directed to a separate check-in location for expedited registration. Disclosure of any vaccination information is totally voluntary and will be maintained as confidential by the church.

  • Individuals who indicate that they are suffering from symptoms associated with the COVID-19 virus will NOT be admitted into the RCF facility and will be provided guidance on next steps from a  member of our health and wellness team.

  • Face masks are always required while in the RCF building. Those who do not abide by this requirement will be asked to leave the facility and join our online worship experience.

  •  The RCF facility will continue to maintain socially distant seating arrangements for Sunday services.


If you have any questions regarding the revised Sunday service health protocols call the RCF church office or speak with a member of our RCF Health and Wellness committee.


Cards in remembrance of Pastor Felix can be mailed to our church office at 15640 East 6th Avenue, Aurora CO 80011. In lieu of flowers, the family has requested that donations be offered to Dr. Felix Gilbert Student Endowed Scholarship Fund. Donations can be provided online by  visiting www.denverseminary.edu/focused-giving-opportunities and scrolling to the Dr. Felix Gilbert Scholarship icon.